Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Confessional #207

Welcome to the confessional!

Here's how it works. Every week I post a confession and invite and encourage others to post a confession of their own.

Confessions can be deep, funny, emotional, hysterical, happy, sad, angry, ranting, thankful, wishful, wistful, regretful, joyful, simple or complex. They can be dreams, regrets, wishes, goals, disappointments or surprises. Confessions can be posted using your name, a clever profile name or anonymously.

For myself, the confession I post will be meant for public knowledge about me. That said, I intend to also anonymously post confessions intermingled among others that I don't necessarily want to be known by family and friends who read.

Today I confess...

that sometimes I am a 12 year old boy.

Farts are hil-ar-i-ous and make me belly laugh every single time.  And I do goofy stuff like this...

I give you, me and my two kids in our latest performance.  Enjoy!

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As always, I welcome comments on my confession.

What about you? 
Do you have a confession you'd like to share?  Remember, you can do it using your name, a profile name or anonymously.  Just click "...added their 2 cents" below to open the comment box.  I'd love to hear your confession!


  1. That card is pure cheesy fun! Awesome. I have a million confessions, mainly because I'm very hard to embarrass and am not very shy. Hmmmm... here's one - I don't own a single 'adult' knife, despite being a prolific cook. All my knives are less than 20 bux purchased at box stores. Although I'm eyeballing knifewear in inglewood...

  2. The cheesier and the fun-ner, the better!

    When I go places to either cook or help cook I'm almost immediately frustrated if I can't find a decent knife to use.

    Treat yourself to those knives. You'll be glad you did! A really good knife makes such a difference!


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