Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Confessional #203

Welcome to the confessional!

Here's how it works. Every week I post a confession and invite and encourage others to post a confession of their own.

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For myself, the confession I post will be meant for public knowledge about me. That said, I intend to also anonymously post confessions intermingled among others that I don't necessarily want to be known by family and friends who read.

Today, I confess...

that I need to buckle down & get 10 or 15 lbs off

Ten months ago I threw my back out something awful.  I felt like Tim Conway when he played the old man on the Carol Burnett Show.  I could barely shuffle my feet from the kitchen to the family room.  All I could do was sit or lay down.  It lasted from November to February.

I gained an extra size.

The weather this summer was such that I didn't get out hiking nearly as much as I would have loved to.  I didn't get out hiking enough to drop that extra size.

Since I firmly believe in healthy eating and not dieting it seems I'm going to have to break down and start some sort of exercise program to get back to my size 8.


I really don't like exercise programs.  They bore me.  A beautiful new view every few steps I don't find boring.  I sure hope I can get in a few more hikes before the weather completely prohibits it.

As always, I welcome comments on my confession.

What about you?  How do you deal with shedding some extra pounds?  Do you have a confession you'd like to share?  Remember, you can do it using your name, a profile name or anonymously.  Just click "...added their 2 cents" below to open the comment box.  I'd love to hear your confession!


  1. I have to confess that I miss a friendship that ended recently against my will. What I am unsure of is if I miss the actual friendship or if its the idea of the kind of friendship I thought it was that I actually miss. Either way it sucks and I miss this person.

    As for your journey on shedding pounds... good luck! You can do it! I'm also on that journey and I agree that its a lifestyle change and not a diet.

  2. Diegirl, it's always difficult to end any kind of relationship. It's understandable that you miss your friend. I think the process is a bit like mourning and grief. Only time makes it less emotionally painful.

    Thanks for the support on getting back to my "fighting weight". haha. Doesn't make me like the idea of an exercise program any better, but thanks!

  3. You know what. I take that back. I no longer miss that friend.... at all! Came across some stuff he said on the internet about me. Trashing me... I am done with him and his wife. I realize that I don't miss him(them)... it's the idealized friendship that I miss and not actually either of them.

    Now I need a new confession. I confess that I ate way too much junk food at the movies last night. :o)

  4. Wow. I don't think it's ever justified to trash people. If a relationship doesn't work out, then it just didn't work...between both parties.

    Sorry to hear it but on the other hand it makes things very black and white, doesn't it?

    Oh, I could go for a junk food night! haha


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