Saturday, February 6, 2010

Practicing the Love

I don't know when it began.  Maybe it has always been.  It might have begun with the separation in my marriage or during or because of some other significant, difficult event in my life.  It might have begun at any moment prior to this one but it's been going on for years now, I know for certain.

What I'm talking about is my quest for love.  I don't simply mean a man loving a woman but it encompasses that as well.  I'm talking about love.  Pure, gentle, accepting, welcoming, peaceful love of my fellow earthly inhabitants.  It includes all living, animate and inanimate things in this, this world, our galaxy, the Universe.  This category includes me, my kids, my pets, my home, my yard, my fence, the grass, the flowers, the squirrels, the mountains...  You see where I'm going.

My quest for love is the mission I chose to accept, to find that place in my heart and my mind where I am happy, content, peaceful and always loving what I'm doing, thinking, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing as well as whomever or whatever is with me at the time.

I've always hated housekeeping with a passion.  It's frustrating and the moment you're finished the job it's becoming undone again.  I am the type of person who only likes to do a job once.  Do it.  Do it to my satisfaction.  Next.  That's my style.

Yesterday I worked on loving housekeeping.  

I changed my usual approach from, "Good Lord!  When someone spills juice down the front of the cupboard why in the WORLD didn't they wipe it down??" to "I am grateful the finish on this cupboard makes it so easy to clean compared to others I've cleaned!"  

Sweeping went from, "It's like no one wipes their feet or takes their shoes off in this place," to "Thanks, God, for a home to sweep.  If I had a dirt floor I'd sweep forever and might end up in China to boot."  Hmm.  I'd love to go to China.

Cleaning the stove went from, "Arrrrg!  I can't handle this stuff the kids spill on the stovetop & allow to burn on rather than wipe it up," to "I am going to SHINE you, you Beautiful Instrument for expressing my love to my friends and family!  You enable me to nourish them, appreciate them and spoil them."

That was my first attempt at loving housekeeping.  My first try.  I'll tell you what...I wasn't even half so frustrated as I often can be during and after the process.  I really quite enjoyed having straightened up and somewhat polished many of the things in my environment and come out of it in a good mood.  This experiment is worth continuing.

Enjoy your day, everybuddy!  Maybe practice some love while you're at it.


  1. This made me smile. I had to do that same thing with housework for years. It's now just something I do because I love to serve my family. I do sometimes get frustrated at the quickness of the "undoing", but mostly only when I am PMS-ing!

    I've usually called it practicing gratitude. But whatever you call it, it sure makes a difference.

  2. It is so true that the way we perceive things mould our reality.

    If we perceive as much as possible with gratitude and appreciation how can it be bad, right?

  3. Heya Vicki,
    Happy belated Valentine's, Happy very belated birthday and happy belated whatever else I've missed. I'll say a happy new flooring seeing as that's not finished yet so that should compensate for the belateds a bit.

    I've been doing the same sort of thing for many years where a person looks at things differently to sort of trick themselves out of the old way of viewing things and it does work quite well in my experience. Just simply change the description of something distasteful and sometimes the perception changes to a more tolerable one. Sometimes you get set back somewhat when more mess shows up or it's a recurring problem. I'm a bit ahead of you in the kids age range and I am pleased to inform you that the housecleaning problem you have will sort of take care of itself anyways after the kids spend less time at home. I am finding it now to be satisfying and at times even relaxing doing housework knowing that I can walk around the next day and see that my cleaning work is still intact. That makes initiating the cleaning much less imposing. It's not that the kids aren't around at all but that the areas in the house that they frequent have changed. I will not be doing anything more than the bare minimum maintenance type cleaning in the kitchen and the living room for another half year or so because those two areas can be undone in 5 minutes it seems. Other areas of the house I can clean and still enjoy it being clean days and weeks later without having to worry about going back to clean too often (yes even the bathroom stays clean for a week or two now)

  4. Paul, I look forward to these more manageable days you speak of!

    Thank you for the mass greetings too. lol


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