Monday, April 27, 2009

What if...

Do you remember, "Horton Hears a Who" by Dr. Suess?

I just had a thought.**

What if...

God was Horton-like and a scientist of knowledge we are yet far from understanding?

What if...

we are a science experiment of Whos that God created so right?

What if...

it was true? If it was true, the world could stop all this fighting about religion vs science. And doesn't it follow that all the religious wars would fall extinct?

Wouldn't it just be lovely if everybuddy was right?

** Okay. Well. I thought about us being a mini world in a larger atom or molecule way back in highschool science when we were talking about inside the world are people, inside people are cells, inside cells are molecules, inside molecules are atoms...and thought what's inside those? And also thought, what if there are entire worlds inside of each of those?


  1. I am frightened. And when I am frightened, again and again I find myself gravitating toward the peace and tranquility of your writing and the writers that you follow.

    Thanks :)

  2. That is way too deep for a Friday morning. And also for a Monday morning. Stop that. :-)

    Sadly, not everyone can be right. God can't be a scientist, and a tyrant, and a dictator, and a benevolent loving Father who sacrificed our only Son, just so He could hang out with us again. Some of those things could mix, but not all of them.

    But since he made everything, I think he is a scientist. Only to give our scientists something to wonder about. "How did he DO that?!!"

  3. @P ~ If I could change anything I would find away to take away all the fear because it's not something I want anyone to go through. Your fear is completely understandable though.

    I love that you come for a visit when you're looking for a bit of peace.

    I send you both love. Breathe in deeply all the love and blow forcefully out as much fear as possible.

    Is your May Day as beautiful as ours? Have you set the pots out yet? Maybe it would be a great day to do that thing.

    I'm so glad that you're enjoying reading what I enjoy reading!

    Love. Bunches of it.

    @T ~ I know it was a feeble attempt at world peace but half the battle might be won if it was evolution AND creationism rather than evolution VS creationism.

    I totally believe there's science involved. There are just too many connections from one thing to every other thing for there not to be science.

    As you know, I'm more of a general spiritual kind of believer in God rather than someone who had any "book learnin'". All these connections show me that however we were created or whatever created us, we are all interconnected and interdependent.

    To me, that means we should all be grateful for one another. If we didn't have one another, it seems to me, it would be difficult for ourselves to exist.

  4. And I always thought it was sad that we had to bring religion and science into any of it. Good God.. the world is a vast and beutiful place all on its own. And it sits in an even vaster and more beautiful fireworks display of a universe...

  5. I agree with you, Will. I'm much more about appreciating it and not questioning things than I am about arguing for or against either side.

    Then I had the thought that maybe it's BOTH. If it were both, there'd be a lot less for either side to argue about and a lot more time for them to appreciate the wonders.


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