Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yo' Mama

The kids waited in the car while I picked up the new glasses that are supposed to help me see at night while driving.

I got in the car and put them on.

"Look at your Mama."

I grinned cheesily.

My great big son looked at me.

"Isn't she cute?" I prompted.

"She's even cuter than MOST Mamas," he answered.

That boy is going to break some hearts, I tell ya.


  1. I kind of really like them. Not only can I see stuff at night, I'm thinking of getting a couple more cheapie pairs as accessories like shoes and purses. God knows how I love my shoes!

  2. They look great!! But I gotta find out a way to see when you're can you do it other than RSS?

  3. @ Mandy ~ He sure IS!

    @ Fran ~ I'm liking them. Maybe try the "Subscribe by email" link?


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