Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Okay. Well, she really, really doesn't.

So, instead, she's just going to go out and have a quick little peek around her favourite shoe store.

She has to go look for a couple of shirts for her birthday trip to Chicago because she doesn't want to shop while she's there. She'd much rather spend her time checking out the sights.

So, while she's looking for the perfect couple of shirts, a little stop into the shoe store can't hurt. She can just go in to look. She doesn't have to buy anything.

She can go in just to enjoy that brand new shoe smell. She can go in simply to see what styles are in at the moment. She can admire the bling on them. She can stroke the polished leather with her cheek, eyes glittering and distant, whispering softly, "Preciousssss, my precioussssss."

She can try them on and dream about how great they'll look with her jeans for casual outings, JLo-like. Well, okay. If JLo had no ass the picture would fit. Sort of. She edits the picture again. No ass, bigger boobs, older face. No. Wait. Completely different face. Aha. There we go!

She can try them on and be sooooooooo in love with how comfortable they are. She can marvel at how the soft, supple leather seems to cradle and support her feet so perfectly.

She can stand in a variety of shoes in front of a mirror and see how tall they make her little 5' 2" self seem.

She can do all those things. She doesn't have to buy them.

Well. If they're being offered at an unbelievable price...

Free. Maybe she'll get some shoes for free.

Hey. She traveled to and stayed in New York for free so a free pair of shoes could definitely happen, right?

Yes, it could!


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